Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Room Within Yourself

     Is it possible to put your grief in a little room within yourself?  I say it's worth a try.

     Today on EWTN, Pope Francis told the story of St. Catherine of Sienna, a nun and the patron saint of nurses.  The Pope talked about how when her parents destroyed her room for refusing to marry, St. Catherine created a little room within herself where she kept God.  The Holy Father challenged the viewers to do the same with their own spirituality.

     I decided to challenge myself to create my own little room within me.  In it I placed all my grief over the unknowns surrounding Chris' death and my hope for truth and justice.  In my special room, I turned this all over to God for His care.

     I believe with God's power, we are not powerless to control what is within us.  When you are with God, it matters not who and what is against you.  I hope you will try to do this with your own grief.  In this special room, you can visit your grief and tell all your heartaches to God.  Then your grief doesn't have to permeate your whole life.  You can do other things while your grief and issues are under God's protection and care.  I credit my own faith for bringing me this far in the grieving process and for recent blessings.

Peace and love,


P.S.  Many thanks for your prayers and good wishes.  My book signing was very successful.  RK


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