Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lemonade from the Lemons of Loss

         I learned today suffering should be transformative.  Suffering has the capacity to make us grow spiritually and cognitively.  It has to be.  There is no point in going through it if you don't come out the other end a stronger and wiser person.
        That leaves the question of what you and I want our lives to be after suffering the loss of our children.  I ask myself and you do you want to find some measure of peace, improve your health, tell your story, help others, or find a way to commemorate your child's life?
         Do you think you and I can make lemonade from these lemons of loss?  This week I challenge myself and you to think about how we can transform our losses to help ourselves or others.  My writing has brought me peace as did traveling to Ibiza.  I felt better physically in Ibiza and found it easier to control my weight.  I would like to plan to return there and write.  Whether my writing would be children's books or something else, I have yet to decide.
          But my intention is to transform my loss and enable healing.  We must all find ways to transform these shadows of grief into strength, wisdom and healing.  It's a personal decision.  It may seem like trying to step over a mountain, but trying to continue life after the death of a child is hard work.


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