Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A New Season

     I am in the airport in Ibiza Island, Spain.  I feel very refreshed for having gotten away during this difficult month.  I truly enjoyed my time here.  I would recommend Ibiza as a vacation for anyone. I experienced great people who are multi-lingual. Wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, great shopping, and fantastic food and drink.  I am hoping for a return trip.  Very hard to leave Ibiza.
     The plane is taking off.  One last look at the island.  I wish all of you some distraction and refreshment. I know the tendency is to feel guilty about having a good time after the death of a child.  It is okay to have a good time again and enjoy yourself when the occasion calls for it.
      I have experienced my own guilt and self-recrimination following the death of my son as I am sure you have too. We want to re-write history for a different outcome.  That is just not possible.
       I believe my child and yours are in the spirit world..  There are no judgements, no recriminations, no grudges  and no second guessing.  There is only love and forgiveness there.  Can you and I not learn from this and find self-forgiveness?  With a new season approaching, it is time for a new beginning.

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