Monday, March 25, 2013

Invitation to Hope for Bereaved Parents

     "May your laughter live forever in my heart"  are the words I used to dedicate my first children's book to my son, Chris.  I am a mother, long-time RN in hospital, public health and schools.  I write kiddie lit and my book is The Amberella Tales.
     I am also a bereaved parent.  Chris died suddenly when he was 23 years old.   It has been a long and hard struggle.  I want to write this blog to reach out to other parents who have lost children.  I want to share my journey with you to encourage you to go on.  Even though you may feel like your life is over, I can tell you it does not have to be that way forever.
     I have reached the point where I see myself as a fragile vase, once broken, but lovingly pieced back together with the help of faith, family and friends.  And now the vase, is no longer broken, but is able to chip or splinter as can we all.  I have a life.  Not the same life, but a life filled with many good things, happiness, laughter and memories.
     Your life can go on in a meaningful way.  It may not seem that way to you today, but I found hope and peace.  I understand the most precious part of you has been ripped away, but you can become nearly whole again.  You will always have a missing piece-- a shadow following you. Yet, it can be this shadow will no longer overwhelm you.
     I want to help you find your voice, your heart and your life once again.  Let us take this journey together.  God bless.