Tuesday, December 14, 2021


My sincere condolences to all those families, especially the heartbroken parents, who lost loved ones in the recent tornadoes in several states. It is particularly tragic, as of this writing, among the many who lost their lives were twelve children, including a two month old infant. She initially survived the tornado, but later succumbed to her injuries. Many more people are still missing. As I see the destruction, I wonder how will they ever be found. 

This is all so difficult to process. So much loss and destruction in a pattern of tornadoes not usually seen. The images seen on the media look worse than war zones. As we try to fathom all this, we always ask how and why did this happen. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find those answers. We can never underestimate the power of nature. I suppose we are all but tiny specks in the whole of the physical universe.

I am sure that many of the victims are still in shock as they sift through the rubble of what was once their homes and businesses. Plus living conditions are quite difficult without power, water, sanitation, food, clothing, diapers, baby formula and medications. Let us hope and pray sufficient aid and help arrives quickly. Donations are being accepted by the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. I am sure many faith based and private organizations will all be soliciting donations as well. Let us all be generous within our means.

Though some may be thinking God has abandoned them, that never happens. God is always there. It may very difficult if not impossible to get through such a tragedy without faith and prayer. When times are darkest we must reach our hands out to God. He will grasp them. With God all things are possible. Grief, recovery and rebuilding will no doubt be a very long and tremendously difficult process. God will be with all those who are suffering. God will be with those who aid in the recovery efforts. "Ask and you shall receive." If you have been directly affected, ask for faith, wisdom and the strength, mentally and physically, to go on. Ask for some miracles. 

The two greatest commandments are: "To love the Lord thy God above all things" and "To love thy neighbor as thyself." Myself and I know the whole country are praying for the people and towns ravaged by these tornadoes. I know with the business of the holidays, we tend to forget what we are not directly involved in. I ask please, do not forget those who are suffering.

                                               "Under His wings, you will find refuge." 

                                                                               Psalms 91:4

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